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High extrusion output.
Excellent, stable melt temperature.
Special adapter enables pressure adjustment.
Superior profile control; fast, easy decal width change.
Auto bobbin changer and auto tension control.
Unwinder features auto tension control and auto edge control.
Excellent cooling efficiency of rolls.
Model DYE-1000
Laminating Method Sandwich or single laminating
Unwinding unit 2-Shaft electric turreting with EPC
Max. Dia of wind-up roll Ø 600m/m
Max. width of substrate 1500m/m
Heat capacity approx 30- 40kW
Laminating unit 7-1/2HP- 10HP
Winding unit 2-Shaft Electric turreting with tension controller
Winding Dia Ø 600m/m
Winding Speed 1500m/max
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